23 May Be Retired In LA

Lebron James and Hubba Bubba



LeBron James had a really unique chance last season, and he very well may have taken advantage of it if he hadn't had a foot ailment in the second part of the season. Few NBA players have switched jersey numbers as frequently as he has, and it is obvious that both 23 and 6 carry significant meanings for him.

During his tenure with the purple and gold, he has actually previously donned both, and we had the pleasure of witnessing him win his fourth title in as many years back in 2020. With the Lakers previous season, he came close to reaching the NBA Finals; but, if he had gone the extra mile this time, James would have won a championship for LA while sporting the number 6.

That triggered a lot of discussions among fans across the league about whether The King deserved to have his jersey retired by the team and, if so, what number? Kobe Bryant previously established a very high bar for having two numbers displayed in the rafters, so it is most likely not an option.

James' LA jersey won't be worn by a player ever again when he is elected into the Hall of Fame, according to Lakers governor Jeanie Buss, who recently weighed up on the subject.

Buss did not specify the number, but given that The King is returning to episode 23 this season, I believe that clarifies the matter.

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