AJ Brown Is a Machine

Image via AJ Brown IG


Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and receiver A.J. Brown missed a 64-yard touchdown pass opportunity to start their third offensive drive against the New York Jets on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Whether Hurts overthrew him or if Brown slowed down a touch too early and underestimated Hurts' arm power is up for debate.

It doesn't really matter whether Hurts or Brown were to blame for the broken relationship. Before the drive ended, Brown produced another game-altering play on a 49-yard reception. Hurts' pass to running back D'Andre Swift for a nine-yard touchdown allowed the Eagles to finally conclude the drive with a score.

The Eagles eventually fell to the Jets 20-14 in Week 6, giving them their first defeat of the year. Although Brown completed the game with seven catches for 131 yards, it was hardly his fault. The 26-year-old wide receiver is having a remarkable season, and this is only the latest episode.

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