Beckham on Netflix

David Beckham recently commented on how his wife Victoria Beckham helped him when he was filming his new Netflix docuseries, Beckham, which examines both his professional and personal lives in-depth.

The former player also discussed how the series' focus shifted as production progressed, stating that after meeting with the filmmaker Fisher Stevens, it became apparent that they had the chance to delve deeply into his life.

"We sat down and did fifty hours of filming, and we talked through every moment in my career," the 48-year-old stated. everyday of my existence. And that's basically how it went. As I previously stated, "If I was going to do this, I was going to do it once and I was going to do it right."

Despite the docuseries addressing sensitive subjects for the marriage, such as the allegations of an affair David faced in 2004, David and Victoria have made sure to stand by one another all the way through.

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