Bob Barker Stole The Show


Bob Barker, the "Price Is Right" presenter who became a popular presence on television for more than 35 years thanks to his silky-smooth command, mischievous sense of humor, and support for animal welfare concerns, has passed away. He was 99.

Roger Neal, his agent, corroborated the information. The reason of death was not disclosed.

For more than three decades, Barker served as the presenter of the iconic CBS game show, "A BRAND NEW CAR!" in which contestants bid on goods like a pack of gum, a popcorn popper, and a luggage lock in the hopes of winning.

The program, which had a nine-year run with Bill Cullen in the 1950s and 1960s, made a comeback in 1972 with Barker. After 35 years, he handed the stage up to comic Drew Carey in 2007.

In the process, Barker received a lifetime achievement award in addition to 19 Emmys.

He credited "The Price is Right's" popularity to its quick pacing and emphasis on the unfiltered personalities of its competitors, unlike other shows where contestants were pre-screened.

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