Bring Back The Last Dance Eye Jackets

Michael Jordan Oakley

Image via Oakley


People who have seen The Last Dance will tell you: Oakleys were the go-to look for most of the Chicago Bulls roster. The sports eyewear brand was mainly supported by Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. The true fashion icons in the 90's helped make one their styles stand out specifically , the Eye Jacket.

In honor of the series, Oakley dropped 200 more pairs a few years ago. The campaign, which stars NBA players Kelly Oubre Jr. and Damian Lillard, may look familiar to fans because it pays homage to the Bulls by recreating the ads they had shot in the late 1990s.

These glasses are being sold any between $200-$14,000. However you can find pairs that look similar in retail stores such as Urban Outfitters for as little as $10. This look could be one of the most iconic endorsements the NBA has had.

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