Bruce Buffer: How One Leveraged a Brief Appearance On TV, To Initiating a Business Empire


Image Via Bruce Buffer IG

Bruce Buffer is one of the most recognizable voices in the sports world as an announcer with the UFC but it isn’t the only thing the 65 year-old announcer has going for him. We were able to have the privilege to conduct an interview with Mr. Buffer as he has taken the MMA world by storm with his legendary voice. However, he has also capitalized on his image by starting numerous companies as well as his own website where you can receive a personal voice note, book him for a live announcement or even just listen to his popular “It’s Time!” podcast. His entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t stop there as he has continued his entrepreneurial itch with his fingerprints on many more different ventures. 

For those who don’t know, Buffer has been the longest tenured employee for the UFC but he wasn’t always the “go-to guy” for announcing in the growing sport. It took him a cameo on the television show “Friends” and having a honest conversation with owner of UFC at the time, Robert Myer, for him to become the full-time ring announcer for the sport. And as the UFC has grown into one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in the US, Buffer has unsurprisingly become an even bigger success, with his new award-winning bourbon “Punchers Chance” and blossoming while simultaneously continuing his unique and energetic style of announcing the manner in which he does. His company, is a brand that he started to get fans and athletes closer together and connect fans to their favorite athletes and he is motivated to use his network to make those experiences possible. Whether that be by a video message, watch streams, podcasts or even for those who simply just want to purchase his merch online, Mr. Buffer has executed on this vision. Even with so many things on his plate Buffer still makes sure he has time for the UFC. In addition to all his work, the Vegas Raiders have also come knocking for his services as he seems to be hinting at announcing at more NFL games after officially joining as a member of the team. There is no end in sight for Buffer and with his many growing businesses why would he want to slow down now? Pretty incredible for someone who leveraged a short appearance on a sitcom, to becoming one of the best in the business in the sports industry.

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