How Burberry Erry Changed Skateboarding


Image via Justin Bieber Instagram

Creative and Skater, Burberry Erry, stated that he began skateboarding at a young age and did not want to do what most people do after graduating from high school. Instead, he followed his heart and focused on improving his skateboarding skills.

Despite his doubters, the spiked-headed skater has 304k Instagram followers as of this writing and has modeled for Balenciaga and other well-known brands, thanks to designer deity Virgil Abloh.

"When he saw that video of me skating in those shoes, and he saw how everyone was so mad and commenting all this, he literally texted me like this is it, this is your time, let me start sending you more stuff you skating it." Burberry Erry said in an interview shred everything radio.

Burberry Erry has worked with a number of designers and brands since then with his unique punk style. We'll see what's next, but clearly visionary Virgil Abloh saw something.

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