Jayson Tatum Wants JB To Stay


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Jaylen Brown is a free agent this summer after being named second team All-NBA after the regular season. Brown may seek upwards of $50 million each season, putting the Celtics in a tough position. With the new CBA on the horizon, such a large contract might limit the Celtics' ability to assemble a squad around Tatum and Brown. Other crucial prospective free agents, like as Grant Williams or Derrick White, may be sacrificed to afford such a large long-term contract for Brown.

Tatum doesn't appear to mind. The Celtics' Batman wishes to keep his Robin.

Next season, Brown will earn $28.5 million. The Celtics have the option to extend Brown's contract through his age-32 season (five years at $295 million), effectively tying him up for the rest of his NBA career. Tatum, on the other hand, is only two years younger and will almost certainly earn his own supermax contract when the time comes.

The Celtics should continue to prioritize Tatum as the team's cornerstone. Nobody else on the roster is safe. Giving Brown such a large contract before of the new CBA (and after his Game 7 performance) may be difficult to swallow. Boston should investigate all possibilities and leave no stone unturned.

Having saying that, the Celtics have made five conference finals trips since Brown was picked third overall in 2016. Brown has played a larger role in some runs than others, but there's no questioning his track record. Even if the Celtics haven't reached the summit, they've come considerably closer than any other 24-year-old + 26-year-old NBA pair.

Tatum and Brown are both in their peak years as basketball players. Brown, in particular, has the potential to improve significantly. One has to think that Game 7 will be a strong incentive for the rest of the summer. He realizes he has to work on his demeanor. He understands the importance of being a more consistent shot creator in order to carry the non-Tatum minutes. He has plenty of time to make it happen.

The Celtics are likely to reach an agreement with Brown on a new contract. If it isn't for the entire supermax, it won't be long. Don't panic yet Boston

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