JB Has Big Expectations For Game 7 at Garden

Image via Celtics IG


The group in the Celtics' misfortune to the 76ers in Game 5 on Tuesday was greatly defamed for their absence of excitement, presently they're getting a reminder from quite possibly of Boston's greatest star.

“I’m hoping that it’s going to be loud and that it’s going to be rockin’,” Jaylen Brown said Thursday, per NBC Sports Boston. “Celtics fans, y’all love to call us out, right? I’m gonna call you guys out this time. The energy in the Garden has been okay, at best, all playoffs. Game 7, if you there or if you not there. If you at home, if you watching at a bar, if you watching down the street at a friend’s house, I don’t care.

“I need you to be up. I need you to come with the energy because we gonna need every bit of it. No excuses, we need everybody. I’m calling you guys out, let’s make sure the Garden is ready to go(Via NESN)."

Before Boston ripped their hearts out, the Philadelphia crowd for Game 6 was, for the most part, intense. Brown was asked to draw comparisons between the atmosphere he anticipates at TD Garden on Sunday and that of Wells Fargo Center on Thursday.

“It was good,” Brown admitted. “But when the Garden gets going, there’s nothing like it. I’m expecting Game 7 to be a great basketball environment, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there.

Game 7. Tomorrow at 3:30ET.

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