Jimmy Butler's Big Face is Killin It

Jimmy Butler, Big Face
Image via Jimmy Butler IG
While Jimmy Butler is keeping the Miami Heat alive in the playoffs, his company is celebrating another kind of win.

Butler's Big Face Coffee brand is unveiling its relationship with Lids HD this weekend with a pop-up on Miami Beach. From Friday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
For context, Butler established his coffee business amid the pandemic-induced bubble of the 2020 NBA season. It all started as a joke. Butler realized the coffee in Orlando wasn't up to par with what he and other NBA players were used to drinking, so he brought his own espresso machine to earn some money.
Butler wants so much more for Big Face, despite the fact that it is a coffee brand. He aspires to teach people about coffee and empower coffee growers, both of which he says he is still learning about every day. He's released a line of products that includes a tennis two-piece, sweatshirts, caps, and coffee mugs. He's also collaborated with Van Leeuwen ice cream's Ben Van Leeuwen on a limited edition Big Face affogato-flavored ice cream.

Ice cream, like coffee, lends itself well to discussion, so combining the two seemed like a no-brainer. The ice cream is made with Ethiopian Big Face beans swirled with a milk custard base and is now available at Van Leeuwen scoop shops and online.
 “I dream of having a bunch of cafes around the world, where people from all different backgrounds and cultures come and enjoy coffee." Said Butler in a interview with Thrillst. Safe to say Butler has something going. Be look for the happy face featured on Leaguefits as well.
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