LeGarrette Blount's Incredible Story Of Meeting Lil Wayne

via LeGarrette Blount IG


A few years ago, we had the honor of interviewing the 3x Super Bowl Champion and current entrepreneur, LeGarrette Blount. Many of you may know him for his 18 TD season, his historic celebrations, or even his historic performance with the eagles in SB 52. However if you follow Blount's IG, the prolific RB is also is a music fanatic. During our interview with him, we asked him to rank his 5 favorite rappers and at the top of the list was the one and only, Lil Wayne. After asking him why, he described Wayne as "the best to ever to do it". Awhile back, I noticed Blount took a picture with Weezy so I asked him about this encounter. He discussed meeting the artist after Super 51 , you know the game where the patriots beat the falcons after being down 25 points. Anyways, lets just say it was a big time celebration and LeGarrette shared that arguably the fondest memory he had of that night was meeting one his biggest idol. He told me the patriots after party had Pitbull and Flo Rida performing and some of his friends left the event. But then Wayne came on stage and Blount got just too hyped up... so much so he wanted to go on stage and turn up with him. When tried to go on stage, security denied him. Blount was motivated to take over HIS party and got his teammates to overrule security. He said it was unreal to party with Weezy himself. After the celebration he ran over to the rapper and talked to him. Blount shared that Wayne complemented him on his game and called him a absolute beast. The star back responded saying he thought he was the coldest rapper in the game.  Despite only having a few minutes with him, the respect was mutual and Blount was hyped to meet the icon. He mentioned he saw him again at a club a few years later with 2 Chainz, Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross and others but that was the last time. He expressed his dream is to be in the studio with Wayne someday...lets make this happen.

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