Lewis Hamilton Is Different.

Lewis Hamilton
Image via Lewis Hamilton IG
Lewis Hamilton has trailblazed what it means to express yourself as an athlete. Last year, Hamilton spoke with Sky Sports discussing his creative vision saying "Formula 1 is like an art form and I feel like a creative person on and off the track. I don't know if people see it like that, but in reality it is like that. If you look at a painter trying to find his strokes to paint, it's the same as what we do as drivers. We are constantly trying to perfect the car. We are creative in choosing the set-up of the car, understanding what can be done, redesigning the steering wheel, the pedals, the seat, the aerodynamics. There's definitely a big creative side to everything we do."
Hamilton, has constantly been featured on prestigious fashion magazines seemingly becoming a regular in GQ. He's made statements on and off the track including the Met Gala. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to see more of his iconic fits as he is a man of many talents.
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