Lil Wayne Loves Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Showdown was a spectacle before the game ever began, with some jaw-dropping acts and a live performance by Lil Wayne.

That's right, the Colorado Buffaloes entered the field not just in front of Ralphie the live bison mascot, but also in front of the legendary musician and five-time Grammy winner. Tunechi played "Ride for my..." as the Buffaloes left the locker room. Tunechi is a buddy of head coach Deion Sanders, who has been in Boulder all day.

Hip-hop superstars Offset and Master P joined Weezy as well-known figures in Boulder, and Kawhi Leonard was also present.

Lil Wayne appeared and performed a song on FOX's Big Noon Kickoff, marking his second appearance that day in Boulder. Safe to Wayne is a diehard Colorado fan given his relationship with coach prime.

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