Looking Into The Mike Tyson & Tupac Friendship

(Via The Blast)
Tupac & Mike Tyson were known to be best friends. But what is the story behind their friendship? After spending a few hours researching the two, I can now understand why the picture above is cherished amongst so many.
A few years back, Mike Tyson went on the Power 106FM radio show to discuss the fondest memories he had with rapper. He discussed how the first time they met he was at Magic Johnson's party. Initially Tupac and his crew weren't allowed into the venue so Tyson let them in through the back door. He remembers letting him in and later that night he freestyled on stage and everyone at the club quickly loved him.The mutual respect between the two icons was evident as Tyson compared Pac to a "Roman General" in a podcast with T.I. He said the rapper demanded respect and every time he entered a room, the air was filled with energy. The friendship built up over the years when Mike was in prison and Pac would pay visits to him. They would discuss about how there would be a time where they could rejoice without either of them being behind bars.However, September 7th 1996 was the last time the two met as Tupac Shakur went to support Tyson during his fight against Bruce Seldon at the MGM grand in Las Vegas. Tyson went on to win the matchup and met with the rapper and his manager Suge Knight after the match to celebrate. They discussed meeting at a club later that evening to party however that was the same night 2Pac was shot and killed at a red light on East Flamingo Road.
There are numerous interviews where Tyson states how he feels guilty for making the artist come to his fight as he wonders if he would still be alive today if he didn't attend the event. Clearly this is a sensitive topic for Tyson, but the respect is never ending. He describes Tupac as an intellectual, and someone who was ahead of his time. Overall, this is one of the most iconic friendships between an athlete and celebrity. Despite the two pursuing widely different careers, they were one in the same on a road to greatness.
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