Ludacris Fast & Furious Concert In Sioux City


It makes sense that Ludacris was chosen to star in the "Fast and Furious" series. He is a really quick rapper.

He performed a long list of classics in Battery Park on Saturday night, pausing sometimes to set the scene and rile up the crowd.

It was suggested that Christopher Bridges (as he is officially called) might make a return trip to the 712 and feel at home by asking the audience to continuously "turn it up to 11" and, sure enough, they did so until they reached 13.

Ludacris has had the goods for years, however it's possible that his most recent tour with Janet Jackson helped him refine the act. He just needed 23 of them to deliver to Sioux City.

He reached 13 in the 712 already, so a quick turnaround wasn't out of the question.

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