Orlando Magic Season Outlook

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The Orlando Magic's training camp has been full with optimism.

That might not be entirely merited. Ultimately, the squad ended six games short of the final Play-In position while only winning 34 games overall. But something about this squad was always hidden by that.

Orlando was eliminated from the postseason for the final three games of the season after finishing 29–25 overall. The final club eliminated from the Eastern Conference playoff race was the Magic. The team's defense was the sixth-best in the league after December 7.

Throughout the offseason, the Magic rested their hopes on all of those things. For all those reasons, the Magic believed going into this season that they had earned a measure of trust and confidence.
Now that the preseason is concluded, the Magic's regular season is beginning to take shape.

Fultz is not the only player who has stated that this squad wants to start strong. It has been stated by Jalen Suggs and a few other players. The crew is really concentrated on it.

That might help to explain the team's intensity and attention during training camp and the preseason. The team's goal in the preseason was to get off to a quick start, and they mainly succeeded because Suggs performed effectively in the starting lineup.
However, making a strong start goes beyond just concentrating on playing well. A portion of what the Magic have attempted to teach is the maturity to realize that practice makes perfect. It all comes down to how the team operates on a daily basis.

Orlando is undoubtedly proud of what the club did at the end of the season. The team's ability to stay together has increased their confidence going into the upcoming season.

The real deal is about to begin, and you're attempting to build on all that confidence.

The Magic's schedule is demanding to begin the season. The Houston Rockets, in their new style, are no longer a pushover. After that, a four-game journey to the West Coast begins on Friday with a matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers in game two.

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