Shannon Sharpe Reacts To His Interview with Katt Williams


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Shannon Sharpe rejects the idea that in order to present a fun podcast, he needs to be a Big-J journalist.

Earlier this week, Sharpe interviewed comedian Katt Williams for his widely watched Volume "Club Shay Shay" show. In the interview, Williams took aim at several competitors in the entertainment industry and even referred to the Hollywood "cabal" or "consortium" of decision-makers in general.

Sharpe clarified to critics who complained that he didn't cross-examine Williams with journalistic follow-up questions in his follow-up "Nightcap" podcast with Chad Johnson that he doesn't see it as his responsibility.

Williams vehemently refuted Cedric the Entertainer's accusation that he stole jokes from him in a prior episode of "Club Shay Shay."


"You make the decision. With whom do you agree? I have no say in the matter! I didn't claim to be a journalist! I never claimed to be a reporter! I perform for a living. '60 Minutes' is the place to go if you want to ask tough questions. "Timeframe." "48 Hours." Visit Lester Holt. Visit someone who is skilled in that.

Massive interaction was generated by Sharpe's interview with Williams, who also accused Kevin Hart of being planted on his Hollywood perch by executives without earning it via popular appeal.

It has received over 15 million views overall on YouTube, with over 100,000 live concurrent watchers at one time.


The show rose the No.1 podcast in the sports category — and No. 3 overall — on Apple podcasts.

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