Speed Travels To Watch Ronaldo Only To Find Out He Is Out Sick

Image via ishowspeed IG

A YouTuber named IShowSpeed has become well-known throughout the world in the footballing scene. A major factor in his journey to prominence has been his admiration and idolization of Cristiano Ronaldo.

On all of his platforms, Speed has infamously made reference to Ronaldo's "sui" celebration. For tonight's Manchester United game, the young YouTuber traveled from America to Old Trafford.

Speed was there to watch United, his favorite team growing up. However, Speed's primary motivation for traveling was to have the opportunity to meet Ronaldo.

Prior to the game, United released the team, and to Speed's dissapointment, Ronaldo didn't even make the squad. Ronaldo's absence from United's match versus Villa was due to illness.
Speed took to twitter saying “i’m crying right now i flew all the way to manchester to see ronaldo and he not playing." However I have a strong feeling his dreams will come true in near future.