The Chronicles Of Tyler The Creator: Lakers Edition

Image via League Fits IG
In Game 6, the Lakers defeated the Warriors 122-101 to win their Western Conference Semifinals series and progress to the NBA playoffs. Furthermore, the Lakers became the first club to defeat the Warriors before the Finals since 2014. They will now play the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals. The Lakers and Nuggets have met four times at this round of the playoffs, with the Lakers going 3-0 in the prior matchups.

However one of the topics of discussion following the game wasn't on the court. When LeBron and AD entered the media room following the game, there was a surprising guest among the press. Tyler, The Creator, the three-time platinum rapper, discreetly took a break to observe the press conference. Tyler grew raised in southeast Los Angeles of Hawthorne, about 13 miles from Arena. However, he has never been regarded as a Lakers diehard. If he's sneaking into the press room like game, safe to say he's pulling for purple and gold.
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