Tony Hawk's 1999 X Games Performance Was Crazy

Image via Newsweek


Tony Hawk landed the first ever 900 at the X Games on June 27, 1999. You probably already know what a 900 is, but in case you don't, it's easy to understand but almost impossible to land. It's basically a 900-degree turn while you're on your board. That is more than two twists. During the X Games, a number of well-known skaters attempted their best moves on the vert ramp. Hawk was involved in it. The internet was hardly ever used. YouTube wasn't a thing. There were hardly any online videos. A 900 had never been landed.  The majority of people wouldn't bother. They were aware that they couldn't. Hawk was unique. Hawk tried ten times, but each time he failed. He came close a few times, but then his board flew out from under him. He continued falling hard in front of millions, it must have hurt.

Although technically the Best Trick event had ended, Hawk was so far into his quest that neither he nor anyone else could give up. At the time, it was the hottest thing in skateboarding, and it still is. Between the computer game and the 900 landing it made him considerably greatest star and into celebrity status.

Although many tried, only one person was able to reach the 900 first. It could only be done by one person at the right time. That was Tony Hawk. Thanks again Tony for the memories still to this day.

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