Wemby Already Putting The League On Notice

Image via LeagueFits

Even though the preseason has yet to begin, it's unclear how the NBA will stop Victor Wembanyama.

Recap: The San Antonio Spurs' first choice is 7 feet 4 inches tall, has an 8 foot wingspan, and possesses exceptional ball handling abilities. This week, he started his first preseason in the NBA. He scored 20 points in his debut game, a showdown with fellow long freak Chet Holmgren.

On Friday, Wembanyama played his second preseason game against the Miami Heat, the reigning Eastern Conference champions. Wembanyama was the sole reason the Heat's starters didn't play, and he made the contest worthwhile to watch.

The rookie had a successful final scoring total of 23 points on 10-of-15 shooting, along with four rebounds, four assists, and three blocks. However, these totals do not adequately reflect the reality-altering plays Wembanyama was consistently making.

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