Allen Iverson Fits Go Crazy

NBA commissioner David Stern introduced a tough new dress code in 2005, requiring players to wear business-casual suits before games. He eventually prohibited shorts and shirts, caps, jewelry, sunglasses, and headphones in the tunnel, which Iverson and many others thought was a direct shot at him. So much so that gamers informally dubbed it "the A.I. Rule." Some players supported the attire requirement, while others condemned it as unreasonable.
Iverson was the first NBA player to emanate that easy hip-hop appeal on the field and in pressers, with baggy jeans, big shirts, medallions around his neck, the first-generation iPod in his palm, a do-rag around his head, and tattoos on show. Oh, and he was wearing Allen Iverson's now-famous Reebok Questions.

Since that 2005 decision, we've gone a long way. NBA style has developed throughout the years, becoming more relaxed as time passes. Today's NBA style icons include Steph Curry, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. But it was "The Answer" who blazed ahead with his trademark Allen Iverson look, influencing how modern players dress.
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