Our Story.

Hi everyone, I am the one who started this brand and wanted to briefly share the meaning behind it. Anyone who knows me knows I love sports and movies.  When college came around, I had a really challenging time finding an internship/figuring out what I wanted to do so I decided to get involved at the radio station (WUNH 91.3FM) at my school and find new creative ways to promote the sports segment. During this time, I like many others was battling with my own demons and creating this was my way of escaping any negative thoughts I was having while building my resume.

Over the course of time, a lot of athletes I have met want to pursue multiple career paths specifically as a creative. While my hope is to build a community paying tribute of the show, "Wildchat's", we also plan to build a unique brand that encourages athletes & creatives to be themselves as the artists they are today. 

I will also start a show where we interview these idols directly on their success and style showcasing them as artists (this is 100% original). This is my way of intersecting sports, movies, nostalgia, and fashion all into one. Instead of being resistant towards creativity or saying one "doesn't make sense" when pursuing their dreams...we embrace it. 

what 's wildchat? - the intersection between art & sports.

- kplarney




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