Biebs Continues To Ball Out For Nahmias


Image via Ronabaekobex


During a scheduled hoops game last Thursday night, Justin Bieber repeatedly demonstrated his serious basketball skills by dribbling past opponents and making baskets.

The "Ghost" singer visited The Surgeon's Los Angeles studio for the second time in a few weeks, this time playing basketball for Team Nahmias in the renowned league run by shoe customizers.

And it didn't take long for Biebs to demonstrate that his previous visit to the location wasn't a fluke—he scored goals with ease all night long, consistently blowing past opponents.

Nahmias lost against Surgeon 110-102, despite Bieber finishing the game with 13 points, three rebounds, one assist, and a ton of highlights. However, it wasn't enough to give his side the victory.

Bieber appeared to take the loss hard after the game, despite his pregame excitement.

What's good for him now? This season, Team Nahmias still has a few games left on its schedule.

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