Bijan Is Having Fun


You already know that Bijan Robinson is unique, therefore I won't say it again. You simply need to watch the games to notice how much of an impact he has as a receiver and runner, as well as how much opponents are starting to dread him.

He occasionally served as a one-man wrecking crew for Green Bay. Even though it has only been two games, he racked up a career-high 124 yards on the ground and four receptions for 48 yards in the air. Desmond Ridder's great salesmanship and the reasonable dread of Robinson caused a major play to be made on


Ridder's keeper for a touchdown even though he wasn't the guy to whom the ball was actually heading.

Robinson contributed around 39% of Atlanta's 446 yards of total offense, 11 of the team's 27 first downs, and two of their three successful fourth down conversions on the day.

Simply said, the offense was more dynamic when Robinson touched the ball, and even when he isn't slicing apart rival defenses, his very presence is enough to cause havoc. Without his two remarkable, successful fourth down conversions, this game might have ended very differently for Atlanta, and that is not an exaggeration.

The young back should only become more dangerous as Atlanta grows stronger at creating mismatches for Bijan to take advantage of and imaginative plays to unleash him.

But he's already outstanding, and the Falcons' 2-0 record is mostly due to him. Therefore, we are unable to keep up the illusion that there were other players deserving of the title of team MVP for a second consecutive week. Bijan Robinson is your Week 2 MVP after putting up the same caliber of all-around superb effort that won Jessie Bates the honor in Week 1. However, that may alter the following week.

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