DBook & MJ

Devin Booker and Michael Jordan

Image via DBook IG

Devin Booker, a shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns, has already made a name for himself as one of the finest players in the league and maybe in company history.

There is still more to be done to improve his standing among all-time greats. His resume would benefit from winning a championship, which may very well occur this season after a few decisions raised Phoenix to formal "championship or now" status, if they weren't already.

Former basketball greats' aptitude for embracing the game's present and future is one of its greatest qualities. The late great Kobe Bryant served as Booker's role model.

Michael Jordan, who is one of the greatest players in history, is a role model for Booker. Yesterday, the Suns shooting guard shared a photo with Jordan on his Instagram story last weekend.

It's unclear exactly where the two were or what they were discussing, but it's always heartwarming to witness two greats support one another.

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