Diggs Loves Asics

Image via Asics.com
Diggs is very passionate about fashion and, hence, his shoes. Though he is accustomed to seeing spectacular tunnel photos, it is not what he is searching for. Rather, he wants to grow, express himself, and develop his style; his new collaboration with ASICS is a significant step in that direction.

The Diggs and ASICS partnership is different from other athlete-meets-brand partnerships because it is solely lifestyle-focused. Rather than consisting of PE cleats and training shoes paired with cheesy lifestyle apparel, Diggs was able to directly curate and work with the ASICS Sportstyle team.

Diggs, who grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland, always paid great attention to his fashion sense and started wearing ASICS from a young age. "Almost everyone had ASICS when I was growing up, and they're a part of that area's signature footwear style," he says to Hypebeast. That's why I've always had a different perspective on them. They seemed like a great way for me to incorporate a fashion statement into my daily life. He will now have the opportunity to accomplish it in a way that has never been possible as the newest partner of the brand.

Stefon Diggs talked about his new relationship with ASICS and his longtime passion for the company in an interview with Hypebeast. He also touched on personal style. Safe to Diggs and Asics were a match made in heaven.

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