"Ferrari" Film May Be a Flop

Although it was expected, it hurts to watch Michael Mann's "Ferrari" performing so poorly at the box office. The movie is a gradual burn and definitely not for everyone's taste. To put it another way, it's not "Ford v. Ferrari."

"Ferrari" was billed as a $90 million arthouse picture a month ago. That's kind of true. Neon released "Ferrari" in over 2300 theaters on Christmas Day, so it's not like it's not playing widely enough either; the problem is that no one went to watch it. "Ferrari" has only brought in $6.8 million domestically in four days.

As mentioned, "Ferrari" cost $90 million to produce; it will, regrettably, probably lose a lot of money and not be able to recoup its investment. In addition to potentially losing money on the $15 million deal, Neon purchased the movie in July.

Since Mann is still slated to make "Heat 2," which may or may not be an IP given how well-liked the first movie was on home video over the years, none of this really matters. Warner Bros. won't even hesitate to approve the follow-up.

Mann has one more fantastic movie in him, and guess what? "Ferrari" toy with being amazing. I may be in the minority here, but I thought it was very good. Mann masterfully achieved the performances, framing, setting, and mood that he created. The racing sequences are among the greatest I've ever seen as well.


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