Ilya Fedorovich: How a Member of The Vlog Squad Has Sights To Innovate The Sports Industry

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Nowadays everyone is looking to get into a cleaner and healthier lifestyle but one startup is going above and beyond bringing customers the cleanest and best tasting pre-workout supplement. That company is Xeela. Xeela is a performance and health supplement line consisting of premium, clean plant protein, pre-workout, and apple cider vinegar capsules. In addition, the ingredients are independently tested by the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) ensuring there are no illegal substances or toxins in your product. Now what if I told you it was actually created by one of David Dobrik's good friends and a beloved Vlog squad member? Yep, Ilya Fedorovich is the one orchestrating this vision and last week we had the privilege to chat with the CEO & Founder of the company as the startup has become a growing brand in both the gym and lifestyle industry. 

So why did he launch it? Fedorovich recalls a conversation that he had with his mother in which she told him that the pre-workout drinks he was consuming were unhealthy and that ended up being a major motivator in him taking things in his own hands. After that moment, he wanted to build a drink that was clean, effective and had a great taste to it and so far he has done just that with Xeela. Fedorovich has taken a very serious approach to his company as it stems from the passion he has had for fitness throughout the years and making sure he is exercising "the right way." During our conversation, he emphasized his team wants to support as many individuals as they can to reach their physical goals and live a heathy lifestyle. As they expand, Fedorovich has discussed about his sights in building his own gym in the future and helping other people staying fit while feeling confident when exercising. There are some big plans on the horizon for Xeela with undisclosed collabs coming up but the one dream partnership that Fedorovich has his eyes on is Nike. With his growing brand of efficient, clean and great tasting pre-workout one can only believe it’s only a matter of time before a big brand such as Nike jumps at the opportunity to join and collaborate with Xeela. Fedorovich also stated he absolutely loves F1 racing and eventually one day, hopes to buy his own team and have Xeela Racing. Safe to say the beloved Vlog squad member is focused on channeling his love for fitness and doing it the healthy way. With a ambitious founder dedicated towards the process, it's clear there are big things in store for this company.

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