Johnny Manziel Reflects On NFL Career

Image via Johnny Manziel IG
A football phenomenon who won't soon be forgotten was Johnny Manziel. The quarterback enthralled the sports world in the early 2010s, from his remarkable climb to prominence at Texas A&M to his ultimate fall from grace in the NFL.

In this week's episode of "Untold" on Netflix, "Johnny Football," viewers got a behind-the-scenes glimpse at "Manziel Mania." Manziel was taken by the Cleveland Browns as the 22nd overall choice in the 2014 NFL Draft. However, he only appeared in 14 games for the team over the course of two years before being let go due to several off-field problems.

Manziel acknowledged in the movie that reaching his football goals left him feeling hollow on the inside.
Manziel used to phone his agent, Erik Burkhardt, towards the beginning of his NFL career to complain that football wasn't any fun anymore. Manziel's study habits were plainly impacted by the loss of his enthusiasm for the game because he wasn't watching any film.

He doesn't watch footage, their GM is phoning me, said Burkhardt. "I think, 'Well, he's got to watch some tape.'" He says, "EB, his iPad hours are zero."

Manziel acknowledged seeing the movie "Zero."

The young quarterback was obviously battling some demons, and the NFL seemed to catch up to him as a result of the tornado that was his life and football career. Be sure to check out the latest Netlix doc out now.
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