Pat Riley Is Cool

Image via leaguefits IG


Thanks to a gangster appearance that is associated with Italy in the collective American imagination—an beautiful dress, back-curled hair, and a ready smile—Pat Riley has been known as "The Godfather" to everyone.

Riley's aesthetic is linked to Italy, to an Italian brand (everything she wears is only from Italian production facilities, not Miami boutiques), and to the taste that over time has distinguished him from his bench- and desk-colleagues' fashion.

Last May, when "The Last Dance" gave the world unprecedented insights into the world of American fashion, comprised of high-waisted trousers and long suits, of brightly colored ties and suits that reflect the personality of eclectic sports stars, a sharp snapshot of the NBA aesthetic of the '80s and '90s arrives. Riley, on the other hand, has always had a different picture in mind: a Hollywood guy who entered the court wearing custom Bally shoes, well tailored Armani clothes, and other accessories that almost made him an alien in comparison to the aesthetic environment in which he moved.

Always with the same Italian flair, a dash of South Beach charm, and the same desire to repeat the triumph of fifty years ago.

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