Shedeur Goes "Brady Mode"

Image via ESPN


Following a comeback victory over Colorado State on Saturday, Deion Sanders' University of Colorado football team is still unbeaten. Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for the Buffaloes and Deion's son, led his team to an exciting victory.

With 2:06 remaining in the fourth quarter and Colorado behind 28-20, Sanders led the offense on a drive that covered 98 yards to tie the score and force overtime. Sanders told ESPN that Tom Brady served as his inspiration for his clutch effort after Colorado's double overtime victory.

Sanders stated, "At the two [2-yard line], all I was thinking was Brady mode. That's all. Simple. You stayed too long outside.

After every game, we discuss, Shedeur continued. He'll text me without a doubt soon. But all I could think of was Brady mode: "If he can do it, so can I." We are really similar.

Brady took to social media on Sunday to reply to Shedeur's statements.

"I just want to go Shedeur mode at one point in life," Brady captioned on his post.

Game recognizes game.

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