The Only Man To Beat MJ


Image via Netlix documentary, "The Last Dance"


When "The Last Dance" episodes 5 and 6 first aired on ESPN a few years back, they featured some incredible video of Michael Jordan competing in a quarter-toss game with a security guard.

The video demonstrated how fiercely competitive Jordan was, even while engaging in absurd activities like throwing quarters against a wall. Additionally, it demonstrated his willingness to stake everything on himself and the competition. The object of the game was toss the quarter as near to the wall as possible without striking it.

When Jordan dropped the ball, the security guy struck the NBA star with his signature shrug.

The security guy name is John Michael Wozniak, although his name wasn't revealed in the documentary.

Wozniak was a member of the Chicago Police Department who began his career there in 1970. He and a few other people had a part-time job as security guards at Chicago Stadium.

At the age of 69, Wozniak passed away in January 2020. He spent a lot of time with Jordan during his childhood, and the NBA great was kind to him.

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